Hand forming tool & Flexures

Use the FabLight to quickly deploy new production parts and tooling.


Here at Fablight, we also use our laser for production of a few of our parts.

We designed a flexure for the focus lens tray seen here.

Assembly of focus box
Analysis of laser cut flexure


We had to design the flexure in such a way so that the tray would securely push in and the flexure would not yield.


We ran the part through Ansys to determine the proper geometry.


We had to devise a solution for how to form the part. Because of the size and shape, the part was not press brake friendly.


We designed a small hand brake in Solidworks that would form the flexing element, and designed in some adjustability to account for spring-back during forming.

Having the FabLight in-house allows for rapid prototyping and production solutions that would be expensive otherwise.