FabLight Engraving &
Marking Capabilities

Engrave bendlines, mark park numbers, create stunning graphics, and more.

Engraved metal tags

One of the big advantages of a FabLight metal laser cutter is that it can do engraving and marking as part of a laser cutting job. Most dedicated fiber laser engraver or marking machines are low power and can’t cut through the metal, which requires a second operation — and a second machine.


Every FabLight comes standard with the ability to engrave and mark. We have full control over the power the fiber laser is set to — it’s turned way up for cutting, and it’s turned way down for engraving and marking. And the same processes can be used on either sheet metal or tube & pipe, which are covered by the FabLight product line.

What’s the difference between engraving and marking?

Laser engraving

The laser beam removes some of the surface metal, similar to a very shallow cut. It can be shallow or deep, depending on the power setting.

Engraved aluminum tag

Laser marking

The laser beam interacts with the metal and causes the surface layer to change color, without removing any material.

Laser marking

For both marking and engraving, the laser leaves a permanent mark on the object.


This can include:

  • serial numbers,

  • barcodes and QR codes,

  • logos and product names,

  • control panel labels,

  • artwork, or

  • personalization.


The necessary laser engraving and laser marking software is included free as part of FabCreator software that comes with all FabLights. When you import a DXF, you can assign any geometry to the Cut, Engrave, and Raster process groups. The Raster process is used for laser marking (surface coloring), and moves across the material like an inkjet printer, changing the laser power to produce a series of tiny points.

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