Laser Cut Furniture Was Never This Simple

Need some custom furniture, reconfigurable assembly stations, or flexible test cells, but don’t want to deal with expensive t-slot extrusions?


With a FabLight metal laser cutter, it’s easy to design and fabricate tube structures that are professional and affordable — just like the FabLight itself.

Laser cut furniture


The FabLight software suite includes tools that help you produce tube structures that are parametric, simple to modify, and easy to cut on the machine.


With the FabLight Tube’s ability to output finished cut and engraved tubes up to 52” long standard — and up to 77” with a tube extension — you can build a wide variety of structures.

Tab and slot design

Designing with a tab and slot interface between tubes allows for a bolt together, no-weld assembly. Cutting the tubes is no problem for the laser.


The design shown here features interlocking brackets for a rigid construction. In fact, the brackets are cut from tubes as well — no need for a bending brake.

From CAD to final product

This table tube structure was designed using the weldment function of Solidworks Standard, and was processed using a free plugin for Solidworks.


Simply design the weldment, and the plugin outputs laser-ready geometry for each tube.

Precise square tube features

FabLight's capacitive sensor and coordinated motion allow complex shapes to be cut from square and rectangular tubes precisely.


Load the tube into the jaws, jog the cutter to where you want to start the job, and start cutting.


You’ll be making custom furniture for yourself and clients in no time.

Designing and customizing laser cut furniture has never been easier or more accessible than it is with the FabLight metal laser cutter and included software.