fablight Laser Cutting Machines

Designed and built in the USA.

A machine for everyone

FabLight's products are designed to meet the needs of many different metal fabricators. We have laser cutting machines for both sheet and tube, for cutting and engraving, from prototyping through production.

Built to last

High quality components give our industrial-quality machines an accuracy of +/- 0.002”/foot (0.15mm/m). The IPG fiber laser has an infinite lifetime, and produces a 0.004" kerf (0.1mm).

Cost effective

Our machines are affordable for most shops to buy. They’re also cheap to run, costing less than $1 per hour in electricity and shop air. And by using a fiber laser with no moving parts or consumables, maintenance costs are extremely low.


FabLight laser cutting machines come in two main configurations.

fablight Sheet

Sheet metal up to 1/4 of a standard sheet:
50" x 25" 
(1270mm x 635mm)

Sheet metal laser cutter

Engraving and rastering

Vector engrave and raster engrave included.

Easy material handling

Pallet pulls out for easy material loading and part removal. Clean out drawer catches small parts.

fablight Tube & Sheet

Round, square, and rectangle,

0.5" to 2" (12mm to 50mm)

Standard length to 55” (1397mm)
Extended length to 80” (2032mm)

Fablight tube metal laser cutter

Auto-tab feature

Tubes are automatically tabbed so multiple parts can be cut on the same tube length to minimize waste.


Optional tube extension

Tubes up to 80" (2032mm) can be loaded.

Three power levels

Each FabLight laser cutting machine is fitted with one of three laser power levels, selected based on intended use. Contact us to discuss which FabLight is right for you, or read the FAQ.


Sheet metal

Good for thinner sheet metal 0.080” (2mm) and thin-walled tubes



Better for 0.160” (4mm) sheets and tubes.


The powerhouse

Best for thicker metal up to 0.250” (6mm), and fastest production on thinner material

Easy to learn software

Get started with practically no training.

Solidworks weldments plugin
Solidworks weldments plugin

Create a weldment with joints

Compensated tubes
Compensated tubes

SW plugin compensates tube joints for a perfect fit

Easily run your files
Easily run your files

Using a smartphone-like interface.

Solidworks weldments plugin
Solidworks weldments plugin

Create a weldment with joints


We know learning new software can be expensive and time consuming, so we designed ours from the ground up to be both easy to learn and powerful to use. It is included free with all FabLight laser cutting machines, and has step by step options that keep things simple.

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