Why FabLight?

A good question with a good answer

The short answer to the question, “Why FabLight?” is that we produce the best, most affordable, made-in-the-USA fiber laser cutter for both sheets and tubes. We’ve designed it to maximize performance and minimize cost, with our customers are the beneficiaries. Our mission is to break down the barriers to advanced flexible manufacturing using lasers and software.


Here’s are more reasons you might choose us:

1. FabLight vs. the Competition

A lot of people consider buying an imported laser cutter based on price. We differentiate between affordable, which we consider the FabLight, and cheap, which comes with hidden costs around maintenance and support. That said, we’re way more affordable than other US-made metal laser cutters, but without sacrificing the industrial quality and precision you’d expect in a machine that’s much more expensive.

2. FabLight’s fiber laser vs. other CO2 lasers:

Some of the best known low-cost laser cutters use a CO2 laser, which is great for cardboard, plastic, and wood. But those machines can’t cut metal. We’ve tried to make an affordable metal laser cutter, and pack in as much functionality as possible — including engraving and marking on all machines.

3. Tubes

We’ve focused on making tube laser cutting way more accessible than it has ever been through the FabLight Tube machine. Some laser cutters have a rotary add-on for cutting round tubes, essentially just mapping the Y-axis to the rotary. But they can’t cut square and rectangle tubes like we can.

4. Software

We build our own software, and use it ourselves every day. Because it’s ours, we can give you as many licenses as you need, for free. We can handle feature requests and problems in-house. And we are committed to continually improving and expanding the capabilities of the software, to provide a delightful experience using the FabLight.