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no strain, no pain

You care about your technicians, and so do we. We made our unique easy-load drawer with them in mind

Made in USA


Pull out drawer makes it easy for one person to load any sized metal sheet

Easy Twist Tabs

Our tabs make grounding and holding your material easy

DIY Parts

You can order new slats, or we'll give you the files to cut your own on your FabLight


Available to upgrade is our honeycomb bed for smaller intricate parts

convenient sizing

We've completely redesigned traditional metal laser cutters from the ground up and packed it into the most convenient form factor possible

1/4 Standard Sheet

Purposefully sized to hold up to 25" x 50" (635 mm x 1270 mm)


Smallest footprint on the market - and it's not even close

No Chiller

FabLights are air-cooled - no need to take up precious space for a chiller

Easy to Use

No clunky interfaces or complicated software to learn

Take a look at all the metal materials FabLight can cut through
Technical specs

Specifications apply to both Sheet (FLXXXX-S) and Tube & Sheet (FLXXXX-TS)

(L x W x H)
40" x 74" x 60"

18" (W) Air gap required for cooling intake
Four-axis machine: Z-axis travel of 1.5" (38mm), plus additional focus axis travel of 0.4" (10 mm)
Cutting,  Vector Engraving, & Raster Engraving
Moves up to 50" per sec (1270mm per sec)
Cuts up to 5" per second (127 mm per sec)
Height Sensing
Capacitive height sensor with tip-up detection and auto-continue
± 0.002" per foot (± 0.15 mm per m)
± 0.005" (0.127 mm)
Low Pressure (LP) Configuration
175 psi max input pressure
130 psi max operation pressure
High Pressure (HP) Configuration
300 psi max input pressure
250 psi max operation pressure
Assist Gas
Clean dry air (CDA) or nitrogen (requires high-pressure configuration)
4" exhaust adapter, no external venting
Class I
Dust Collection
External dust collector required for machine operation. Basic HEPA dust collector included or upgrade to FabClear system
Pre-calibrated during manufacturing
7" touchscreen display
Included (Unlimited seats)


Metal Types
Steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, and more
Up to 25" x 50" (635mm x 1270mm) - fits 1/4 standard metric or imperial sheet

Up to 3/16" steel for production volumes
Up to 1/4" for prototype volumes
FabLight tube & sheet configurations are non-upgradeable after production is booked
Check out our full list of materials

Power Levels and Requirements

IPG QCW (Pulsed) Fiber Source
Power Levels
1500 W, 3000 W, 4500 W
(Pulsed Peak Power)
Power Outlet Requirement
110 V (20 A) outlet
  • 1500 W
  • Up to 0.075" (1.9mm) steel
  • Perfect for fine jewelry, electronic heat shields, metal gaskets, springs, solder masks, and more
  • 3000 W
  • Up to 0.150" (3.8mm) steel
  • Perfect for enclosures, fixtures, signage, and more
  • 4500 W
  • Up to 0.250" (6.0mm) steel
  • Perfect for all sheet metal projects, thick enclosures, metal tube frames, structural product components, and more
  • Flagship Model
FabLight power level configurations are non-upgradeable after production is booked
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