fablight Laser Cutter for Sheet Metal

The high-quality metal laser cutter you’ve been waiting for.

Cut easily and precisely with the FabLight sheet metal laser.

Sheet metal laser cutter

The FabLight sheet metal laser is a versatile and powerful fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal. With a small footprint, it can fit easily into any size shop.

The FabLight sheet metal laser can be outfitted with one of three IPG laser sources depending on intended use case. For a summary of each use power, visit the product page.

Very Versatile

FabLight Sheet is a flexible and powerful sheet metal laser cutter. Equipped with an industrial-quality IPG fiber laser and precise mechanical control, you can make just about anything metal you or your customers can think of, including:

  • Custom signs

  • Furniture

  • Panels

  • Enclosures

  • Industrial components

  • Jewelry & Art

Perfect Precision

With a laser beam spot size of 0.004” (0.1mm), the kerf is tiny compared to other metal cutting technology like plasma or waterjet. With our industrial servo motors, mechanical assembly, and motion control software, we can produce a cutting accuracy of ±0.002”/foot (0.15mm/m).

Standard Sheet, Small Footprint

It can fit a 25” x 50” (635mm x 1270mm) sheet, which is a quarter of a standard sheet (both imperial and metric). This compact size fits easily into any shop, and takes up less than 21 square feet of real estate. The drawer-loading pallet allows for ergonomic loading of full sheets, and the sheet size is still manageable for a single person to handle.

Software Included

Every FabLight includes the software needed to run it, with no additional charges. You’re also free to install it on as many computers as you’d like, which means you could give it to customers or a class full of students, and have them produce cut-ready files. For more on the software, visit the software page.

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Pick Your Power

The FabLight Sheet can be outfitted with one of three IPG laser sources depending on intended use case. For a summary of each use power, visit the product page.

Safety First

Since the laser is in a fully enclosed Class I chassis, there is no special eyewear required around the laser, making it even easier to use in any shop environment — fabrication shop, machine shop, prototyping shop, school shop.

Stays Chill and Sucks Dust

The laser source is air-cooled and requires no special chiller. It also includes a HEPA filter dust collector, so that no external ventilation or ductwork is required.

Easy Electrical

Most shops should be ready for a FabLight, since all models run on a 110V, 20A outlet (can also be wired 220V for non-US use). This means you probably already have an outlet that can handle it, and it also won’t break your building’s power budget.

Runs Cheap

Based on typical electricity costs and air compressor costs, we estimate it’s less than $1 an hour to run continuously, comparable with a hair dryer.

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