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FabLight General
What is a fiber laser cutting machine?
How much does a laser cutter cost?
What thicknesses can it cut?
How fast does it cut?
What materials can it cut?
How do you hold down the material?
Can it cut wood, plastic, or fabric?
Can it engrave metal?
What's the laser source?
What does “pulsed” mean?
What are the installation requirements?
What assist gas is required?
Do you sell assist gas equipment?
What's the voltage? How much power does it use, and what's the operating cost?
Where does the estimate of $1 an hour to run come from?
How thick can tubes be?
How long can the parts be?
How are the parts held?
Can we use tubes longer than 52"?
Why 80" for the maximum tube stock with the extension?
Can I purchase a FabLight without the rotary option?
What is the life expectancy?
What parts need to be replaced? What are the consumables?
What is the average repair bill for FabLight owners?
What is the longest lead time for replacement parts? Is overnight shipping available?
What maintenance is required?
What is support like?
What operating system do I need to run FabCreator?
What is the workflow like?
What CAD program? What file formats?
DXF for tubes?
Is the software included?
How many seats come included? Can I purchase more?
Do you offer a free trial of FabCreator?
Where can I buy a FabLight?
What's included in the purchase?
What is the training process like?
How much is delivery and installation?
Can I get it without the rotary?
What is the lead time?
Do you offer financing?
Where are the FabLights built?
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