fablight tube and sheet systems
open the door to
laser tube cutting capabilities
You don't have to choose. Get CNC sheet and tube laser cutting capabilities in one machine and start making everything you've been dreaming of
totally tubular

Your in-house laser tube cutting doesn't need to be expensive or complicated anymore. Anyone from students to engineers can cut like never before

Made in USA

You Don't have to choose

Everything you love about our sheet system, with tube functionality

No Mechanical Changes

No tools, no attachments, no fuss. Simply load your tube and go

Round, Square, Rectangle

No matter the shape, you can cut, engrave, and raster on tubes

Tubes Big and Small

Up to 3/16" wall thicknesses and tubes 0.5" to 3" Ø (2" square) by 52" long

replace power tools with lasers

Traditional tube features can be time-consuming. FabLight makes it easy for you to get exactly you want and how you designed it - in minutes

Easy End cuts

Fish mouth, cope, tab, and slot. FabLight systems can do it all on tube

Automatic Tabbing

Forgot to design tabs to hold your part? No problem. FabCreator did it for you

No Chiller

FabLights are air-cooled - no need to take up precious space for a chiller

Easy to Use

No clunky interfaces or complicated software to learn

Check our full list of metal materials you can cut on FabLight
Technical specs
(L x W x H)
40" x 74" x 60"

18" (W) Air gap required for cooling intake
Four-axis machine: Z-axis travel of 1.5" (38mm), plus additional focus axis travel of 0.4" (10 mm)
Cutting,  Vector Engraving, & Raster Engraving
Moves up to 50" per sec (1270mm per sec)
Cuts up to 5" per second (127 mm per sec)
Height Sensing
Capacitive height sensor with tip-up detection and auto-continue
± 0.002" per foot (± 0.15 mm per m)
± 0.005" (0.127 mm)
Low Pressure (LP) Configuration
175 psi max input pressure
130 psi max operation pressure
High Pressure (HP) Configuration
300 psi max input pressure
250 psi max operation pressure
Assist Gas
Clean dry air (CDA) or nitrogen (requires high-pressure configuration)
4" exhaust adapter, no external venting
Class I
Dust Collection
Included HEPA dust collector
Pre-calibrated during manufacturing
7" touchscreen display
Included (Unlimited seats)


Metal Types
Steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, and more
Up to 25" x 50" (635mm x 1270mm) - fits 1/4 standard metric or imperial sheet

Up to 3/16" steel for production volumes
Up to 1/4" for prototype volumes
Round Tube
0.5" to 3"Ø (12 - 75mm) for standard lengths up to 52" (1320mm)

0.5" to 2"Ø (12 - 50mm) for extended lengths up to 77" (1956mm)

Up to 3/16"
Square or Rectangle Tube
0.5" to 2"Ø (12 - 50mm) for extended lengths up to 77" (1956mm)

Up to 3/16"
FabLight tube & sheet configurations are non-upgradeable after production is booked
Check out our full list of materials

Power Levels and Requirements

IPG QCW (Pulsed) Fiber Source
Power Levels
1500 W, 3000 W, 4500 W
(Pulsed Peak Power)
Power Outlet Requirement
110 V (20 A) outlet
  • 1500 W
  • Up to 0.075" (1.9mm) steel
  • Perfect for fine jewelry, electronic heat shields, metal gaskets, springs, solder masks, and more
  • 3000 W
  • Up to 0.150" (3.8mm) steel
  • Perfect for enclosures, fixtures, signage, and more
  • 4500 W
  • Up to 0.250" (6.0mm) steel
  • Perfect for all sheet metal projects, thick enclosures, metal tube frames, structural product components, and more
  • Flagship Model
FabLight power level configurations are non-upgradeable after production is booked
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