fablight Tube Laser Cutter

Making laser-cut tubes accessible to everyone.

Historically, tube laser cutting has been very expensive. Shops with a tube laser cutting machine might charge $500 setup fees, and the machines themselves would sell for $500,000 and up.

With the FabLight Tube, we’ve brought the cost of such a machine way down — within reach of many businesses and schools.

Totally Tubular

The FabLight Tube laser cutter will cut and engrave on square, rectangle, and round tubes up to 2" diameter and up to 52" (1320mm) long, or 76” (1930mm) with optional tube extension).

Easy End Cuts

It can produce complex geometry on the tube ends, including a cope, fish mouth, and tab and slot. Using the laser on tubes is much faster, cleaner, and cheaper than using traditional hand or power tools. The fit-up between tubes comes out perfect with the FabLight.

Side Cuts Too

Internal features such as complex holes, slots, notches, and other features along the tube are also very easy to cut during the same operation as the end cuts.

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Sheets Supported

In addition, every FabLight Tube includes all features of the FabLight Sheet for 2D cutting, as well as the marking and engraving features that are standard on all FabLight systems.

Pick Your Power

Every FabLight Tube can be outfitted with one of three IPG laser sources depending on intended use case. For a summary, visit the product page.

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Tube Software

Software is included free to help keep tube design and cutting simple.

Our own software is free for FabLight owners.


A plugin for Solidworks processes tube joints to ensure perfect fits between tubes that will be cut on the FabLight, and our FabCreator software lets you process tube patterns for the machine.

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