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Make faster iteration rounds with manufacturing-quality prototypes to get into your customer's hands faster

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FabLight fiber laser machine cutting sheet metal and tube
We love our FabLight!
"We have cut down our lead time in making prototypes and fixtures by over 2-3 weeks!

We are also planning on using the laser for an upcoming, low-volume project. We love our FabLight!"
Saroj Manandhar
Senior Engineering Manager, Toro
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metal laser cutter
"In the past, we would send sheet metal parts to another shop. Our FabLight has allowed us to bring a lot of work back in-house for our customers.

It's the most profitable machine in my shop!"
Blaine Bolich
Owner, American Prototype & Production
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We have a parts minutes
"The beauty of the machine that you have is: it's got a low cost of entry, it's taking up a significantly small footprint, and there are no special power requirements.

It is holding up under the rigors of a manufacturing facility, running five to eight hours a day, and we've now had it running for well over a year."
Dan Morgan
Production Manager, Scandic
See how a FabLight system can easily fit into your production line
manufacturing quality for all

FabLight is how your hardware teams can make next-generation products at lightspeed and on-site

Made in USA


FabLight systems start at $65,000 for more room in your budget


Higher-quality parts make your prototypes feel like finished products


Quicker time to finished parts means faster iteration rounds

Easy to Learn

Designers and engineers can go from design change to cut parts in minutes

everyone gets what they need

Whether it's precision features in tube or complex geometries, you get the capabilities you want in a size you need

1/4 Standard Sheet

Purposefully sized to hold up to 25" x 50" (635 mm x 1270 mm)


Smallest footprint perfect for small labs or adding to engineering shops

Tube & Sheet

You don't have to pick one - get tube and sheet cutting in one machine


The easy to use touchscreen can be locked so your settings don't get changed

Check out our Tube & Sheet systems
Ready to add laser cutting to your prototyping lab?
Whether you're doing high-volumes, small-volumes, prototyping, or education projects - there's a FabLight system for you.

Still have questions about what FabLight can do for you? Unsure if metal laser cutting is right for you?

Reach out to our team of sales specialists with 50 years of combined metal manufacturing experience who will pair you with the right FabLight system.