fablight Laser Cutter Software

So easy to use, everyone can use it.

Simple fabcreator Software

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Free with FabLight

We include the software free with purchase of a FabLight. Because it’s our software, you can install a copy on as many computers as you’d like — from laser operators, to engineers, to customers, to classes full of students. Everyone can have their own personal copy.

Powerful Solidworks Plugin

Our plugin for Solidworks automatically compensates tube (and pipe) parts for cutting on a FabLight. For joints between tubes, this means finding the right cut path so that parts will fit perfectly when aligned.


Since the FabLight can only cut straight into a tube, this path sometimes follows the outside of the tube, sometimes the inside, and sometimes both. The plugin also unwraps square, round, and rectangle tubes into flat DXF files automatically.

Simple fabcreator software

FabCreator functions as both laser cutting and laser engraving software. It imports industry-standard DXF and DWG files for both sheet and tube parts, with no difficult programming for you to learn.


A visual drag-and-drop interface lets you assign geometry to a cut, engrave, or raster process. TrueType text can also be edited and formatted. After you select the material for the part, tabs are automatically added to tube parts, and additional tabs can be easily added to prevent any cutouts from falling during the fabrication process. A preview lets you see what the part will look like — before the job hits the machine.

FabCreator is built on top of FreeCAD

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

A smartphone-like touchscreen lets you load a job and preview it to make sure it’s the right file. Factory-created cut, engrave, and raster processes are stored on the machine, and you have full control to override any process as needed.


Jogging the cutting head with the touchscreen to line up the part on the material is delightful. Then just press go, and watch perfect parts appear.

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