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No special training. No prior experience. No gCode. No problems. You can learn to use FabCreator and have a finished part in less than an hour on your FabLight

Fast & Easy with
Design, import, and go! FabCreator takes your DXF and DWG files for both sheet and tube parts without having to deal with gCode. Drop your file into FabCreator and easily decide whether you want to cut, engrave, or raster your various geometry
Plug-In for tubes
Our Solidworks plugin automatically compensates tube parts for cutting on a FabLight. For joints between tubes, this means finding the right cut path so parts will fit perfectly when aligned. The plug-in then can unwrap your round, square, and rectangular tubes into DXF files that are ready to import into FabCreator
User Interface
7" touch screen interface lets you load a job and preview it right on the machine to make sure it's the right file. Factory tested processes are stored on the machine, and you have the ability to customize for your specific needs.
Can you send a text? Then you can cut metal
Ready to see what FabCreator and FabLight can do for you?
FabCreator software can make creating your next project a breeze. Paired with a FabLight, the possibilities are endless.

Still have questions about what FabLight and FabCreator can do for you? Want to learn more about the FabCreator workflow?

Reach out to our team of sales specialists with 50 years of combined metal manufacturing experience who will pair you with the right FabLight system, or watch a webinar for full FabCreator walk-throughs

Frequently Asked Questions

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What CAD program? What file formats?
DXF for tubes?
Is the software included?
How many seats come included? Can I purchase more?
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