3D Fab Light Celebrates High Demand for Affordable Tube & Sheet Fiber Laser Cutters

Jun 17, 2019
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3D Fab Light is pleased to announce our busiest quarter yet for production of FabLight Tube & Sheet fiber laser systems, as we meet increasing demand for affordable laser cutting across the industrial and educational sectors.

FabLight machines are now shipping all across the country from our new factory in Oakland, CA, ready to cut and engrave metals immediately: roll the machine out of its crate, plug it into 110V and assist gas, and you’re ready to produce metal parts. There is no further installation or rigging process required. The design of the machine allows it to be pre-calibrated at the factory and ready to cut at your site.

The machines come in six different configurations of laser power levels and tube and sheet capability. By far, our most popular model for customers interested in cutting metals such as mild steel, stainless, and aluminum is the FL4500 laser, our highest power available.

In general, we recommend customers making the investment in a fiber laser purchase the “most laser they can afford” which means determining which machine is a best fit for their long- and short-term goals and budget. For the majority of our customers, the FabLight machine is the first fiber laser cutter ever purchased.

If you are considering purchasing a fiber laser, contact our sales department and they can help determine if the FabLight is right for your application: https://www.3dfablight.com/contact-us

About 3D FabLight

3D FabLight was founded in 2015 with a mission to break down the barriers to advanced flexible manufacturing using lasers and software. Our team has decades' worth of experience designing laser cutters and machine tool software.

With 3D FabLight, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you receive our remarkable laser cutting technology guaranteed to meet your cutting needs, but you also get access to our team of dedicated professionals. We provide every customer with top-notch service, answering questions and helping them to personalize their needs. In addition, our team is available for software support. To watch a webinar, click here.

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