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We're extending out a special offer to all of our neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fill out the form below and lock in free shipping* straight to your facility, and bring metal laser cutting power in-house with your very own FabLight.

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Whether you're doing high-volumes, small-volumes, prototyping, or education projects - there's a FabLight system for you.

*Fill out the form below, and you'll lock in free shipping for 6 months to your San Francisco Bay Area facility. Offer valid up to a $1,500 discount on shipping and delivery costs.

Offer valid only for form submissions before Dec 31st, 2022.

hear from the fablight family

metal laser cutter
"In the past, we would send sheet metal parts to another shop. Our FabLight has allowed us to bring a lot of work back in-house for our customers.

It's the most profitable machine in my shop!"
Blaine Bolich
Owner, American Prototype & Production
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We have a parts minutes
"The beauty of the machine that you have is: it's got a low cost of entry, it's taking up a significantly small footprint, and there are no special power requirements.

It is holding up under the rigors of a manufacturing facility, running five to eight hours a day, and we've now had it running for well over a year."
Dan Morgan
Production Manager, Scandic
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FabLight fiber laser machine cutting sheet metal and tube
It was incredibly easy
"Before, drill presses weren't ideal for tubes. The bit doesn't always go straight through the center, so the holes don't always line up.

Now, the welders love our FabLight. All the holes are where they should be, they're all round, and everything fits as it should."
Doug Frederick
Production Supervisor, Franke Foodsystems
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